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General Technology

Posted by SuperUser Account on September 16, 2013
Technology serves as an integral part of today's world whether you are aware of where it is used or not. Technology surrounds us in our daily lives. Being able to use technology can only enhance your personal and professional life. This series of courses works as an introduction to basic technology concepts as well as covering new concepts emerging in technology. This series does not require any previous knowledge. Sign-up today and unlock your potential.
  • Windows 8
  • Google Drive
  • Simple Blogging
  • Navigating LinkedIn
  • MS Office 2012 - Excel
  • MS Office 2012 - PowerPoint
  • MS Office 2012 - Word
  • Podcasting
  • USB & External Hard Drives
  • Prezi
  • General iPad
  • Searching on the Internet
Tags: Series, Computers, New Courses
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