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MALA Consumerism Card

Posted by Rebecca Sweeton on June 09, 2013
The new MALA Consumerism Card is a program designed to help MALA members navigate the complex healthcare system while saving money. The Consumerism Card Program can assist member organizations build greater value in their group benefit offerings, or enable employees and other individuals to access dedicated resources for healthcare services and discounts. Plus, the Consumerism Card has added benefits that promote wellness, meet common needs,increase employee morale and reduce absenteeism – basically, things we all need! This program can complement any insurance plan or can be offered on a stand‐alone basis. Highlights include:

  • Three distinct packages starting at only $10.00 per employee per month.
  • Membership includes the enrolled individual and all of his/her immediate family members.
  • Telemedicine enables employees to consult with a doctor 24/7 and get a prescription with no office visit co‐pay!
  • Medical Health Advisor and Medical Bill Saver provide employees their own personal Health Advocate.
  • Employees and individuals save big on Dental Care, Vision Care, Lab Work, Imaging, Prescriptions and more.
  • Part‐time, seasonal, or retired employees can have benefits with a low monthly cost.
  • You are never locked in.  You can cancel or change your card benefits anytime.  

Consumerism Card Packages and Pricing Options:  
CHOICE $10/Month including Teladoc, Health Advocate services™, and discounts on many health related services (dental, vision, hearing, vitamins, diabetic supplies, lab/imaging, pharmacy)
includes the benefits of the choice plan
+ Roadside Assistance
PREMIER + $8/Month includes the benefits of the select plan
+ Legal services and ID theft protection

Individuals can ENROLL in the Consumerism Card via the secure New Beneftis site for MALA members.  Click ENROLL NOW.

Employers can enhance employer provided benefits or voluntary benefits by offering the MALA Consumerism Card to employees.  Learn more or discuss design options by contacting  Lau & Lau Associates at 248-258-5020 or emailing Joyce Leinenger at  Set up is easy using the Employer Agreement for List Billing

Quick Links:

Program Overview
Packages and Costs
Recorded Introduction
Individual Enrollment Site
Employer List Bill Arrangement

Videos on card features:

Medical Health Advisor
Medical Bill Saver
Dental Discounts
Diabetic Management
Hearing Aid Discount
Lab Testing
Imaging Benefit

Roadside Assistance

Legal Care Direct
Safe Identity
Savers Guide

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